Improve saddless dino harvesting options

As the title suggests I want to improve the overall harvesting experience for gathering resources using dinos without a saddle. I play on single player and I’m just not satisfied with the the wander system even with leashes. I want to say that I’ve never modded before. The dev kit is actually downloading now. I’m asking because i want to know if it’s POSSIBLE. I can do the work and learn but I’ve read that main idea is actually not doable so I’d like input before jumping into it.

i want to add a whistle harvest resource command but that seems unlikely due to dev kit restrictions. Is this true?

other ideas include:

  1. a whip for example, which forces the dino the gather nearby resources after being “whipped”. Could this apply to other commands like walking? This could work by whipping the dino or the resource.

  2. editing the attack your target to apply to resources? It already works with corpses.

  3. create throwable items dinos chase and then attack the resource?