Improve outliner / hierarchy management

Hello? Anyone there?

Can you maybe stop adding glitzy new press-release features for the shareholders every 10 minutes and instead fix some extremely aggravating basic UI problems?

For example,

  1. when I select an object in a hierarchy, there is no visual representation in the viewport of this object’s children?

  2. When I add something to the hierarchy, every category is fully expanded and I have to scroll around or collapse everything to find the newly added child? And how often the child ends up in a different category which again means I need to scroll up/down or collapse everything and find it again?

  3. When I copy a parent object, it does not copy the children. I have to select each child and then duplicate it.

I’m sorry, but this is a very basic feature that should absolutely work out-of-the-box. I don’t see how I am supposed to feasibly make anything beyond a basic 1-2-3 “look at this guys!” tech demo without losing my sanity.

I would like an option to preserve the state of the hierarchy (which sections are expanded/collapsed) when the hierarchy is changed. Many others do, too.

I looked for a solution thinking maybe there is a setting in the configuration somewhere and apparently this is a 7-year-old issue?

This problem is blatantly evident in the ‘components’ tab of the actor /blueprint window and the world outliner for the main window.

I realize I am coming in hot with this post and this issue has been discussed before but the lack of official acknowledgment or traction is appalling.

I share your pain.

I added a “Collapse All but this” into a menu for the outliner which helps to a certain degree (in rdBPtools) but yes - I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit and it would be good to have different modes:

  1. the current behaviour
  2. only ever have your selected actors folder expanded and
  3. remember what was open.

Adding actors to your level doesn’t need to expand those folders in the 2nd two modes…

If there was enough demand I’d write a small plugin to do it…

I am mostly interested in the company fixing the issue, although I realize that is probably unlikely to happen. It’s infuriating that the money-train won’t make any stops where it counts.

I migrated to Unreal from Unity after years of dealing with developer incompetency very similar to this and spending hundreds of dollars on third-party plugins and add-ons to “fix” what should already be in the package to begin with. At least that engine had usable hierarchies, and that’s really saying something.

Yes, Lumen is very cool, Nanite is very cool, Megascans, sure nice. But seriously, fix this. Bethesda Construction Set had better navigation than Unreal Engine.

I am trying to make a professional-grade project and figured I’d use a “professional-grade” tool to do it. Having to fight with the editor or use workarounds just shouldn’t be a thing.

To be fair, this problem of “ignoring basic bugs for literal years and instead going after high-visibility features” seems endemic to the field.

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Thanks fella, I greatly enjoyed this post. Gave me some much-needed laughter.

In my mind, if they’re depending on PR’s from strangers to fix their product, I don’t understand where they get off asking us to agree to pay them on the off-chance any profit is generated using their software.

I tell you, institutional incompetence such as this has me going for the drink myself. The message I’m getting is, “Use our product, or don’t. What else are you gonna do?” I hate it. I would gladly pay for a quality, maintained product.

I don’t know any staff or how to reach them, I figured that was here. I just want to work on my project. But if I have to harass someone to do it, I guess I have to. This is kind of the last option for me.

No livestreams, no Metaverse, no conferences, just fix the product. They are only as successful as they are because there’s hardly any competition.

I could literally rant for hours about the problems with the tech industry.

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