Improve fps


i am creating a video for my final exam and this will not be in real-time. I will render it with matinee sequencer in ue4.
Since i added much foliage to my terrain my fps are at ~ 20 fps. It is very hard to work and to create camera sequences with that low fps.
I am using lod´s for all of my foliage.

I wanted to ask if there are some console commands that increase my fps … or is there an option that just load my foliage which is on my screen as it is not necessary to load the foliage that i dont see.
Maybe some other tips ?

Like i said. I dont want to improve my fps for real-time… just for working in engine as i render everything in matinee.


Use node “set global time dilation”, enter 0.20 as parameter. This way, your demo will play out in slow-mo, but still with 20 fps. However, when you speed up the video, it’ll turn into more than 60fps.

If you’re going to render it to a video then you don’t need to worry about the realtime framerate, When you record to a video using Matinee/Sequencer you can set the resolution and framerate you want and it will take the amount of time it needs to achieve that on each frame.

Thanks for the answers.

@Spartan i dont understand correctly what that does. i dont mind the simulate play mode. I just want to increase my fps for working that was why im thinking about to just loading the foliage in screen.

I know viper but it is really hard to work with that fps in viewport.

You can lower the engine Scalability settings and that’s a general quality setting

I already did that but that does not seem to have any impact on my fps.

Is there any way to just load up the polys/foliage that are on screen ?

You can try reducing the Foliage’s draw distance when it comes to grass this thing chugs performance like no tomorrow try that.