Improve editor build time when updating ue5-main with XCode

Currently almost every time I pull remote changes from ue5-main, XCode (13.3) rebuilds almost the entire editor. This process takes about 60 minutes on a 64GB M1 Max 16" Macbook Pro.

Is there something that can be done so XCode/clang can do more incremental building?
Is it perhaps being too eager about Makefile invalidation?
Or is this simply the nature of building large C++ projects?
Are there some clang settings or other tools I could use on mac to improve editor (re)build times?
Would it be possible to make prebuild nightly ue5-main binaries available to the community somehow? Doesn’t have to be high-tech.

I understand that source builds are unstable, provided as-is and ideally I’d be using the ue5 release, but I’ve found the official 5.0 release to be very crashy on mac. I’ve found ue5-main to be more reliable and the source build has allowed me to patch/workaround issues while I wait for an official fix to land.