Improve Blueprints editor

Dissolve reroute nodes on delete

Make so pins would not get un-linked after deleting a reroute node.

Visuals Ergonomics

It would be awesome to rework the nodes and make pins and info much, much more concentrated. Remove the huge amount of empty space all over them.

Insert to link

Pressing RMB on link or dragging a node to it or a pin, should link the node to the connected pins.
Could be good to also shift the following nodes.

Auto align

1 of features that would improve the user’s efficiency the most, is a “tiled” graph, that would allow to move, insert and delete nodes, without requiring to move/realign the other ones .

  • Linked nodes should still be sortable to the same columns (assigned to before or after another node in the column) .
  • It should be possible to insert empty lines with putting the selected nodes on them .
  • On insert, the linked rightside nodes should be moved right .
  • All nodes should be assignable to stay in the same column as ones that they are assigned to, so on insert, they would behave alike linked .

Good idea, but i think these changes should be one by one checkbox in settings, to never force it to devs that not want change it.

Make Vars category an active element, no only stetic functionality in My Blueprint tab. That from Graph we could call all vars in a category, like we can do in C++

Make Vars in MyBlueprint tab, drag and drop, in orden to arrange it how dev like. Or at least a setting to orderer it alphabetically.

Thanks !