Improve 2d Array Textures

Hello Epic Games Developers,

Please add a feature for 2D Array Textures, to be able to update the array without collecting it over again.

When I want to edit one or more textures, they are not updated in the array.

Even dragging the texture into the slot does not help.
You have to create the array anew each time.


Maybe people don’t understand what arrays are for and where to use them. It is analogous to a texture atlas, but has a number of advantages.

  • Works better with cache (especially for terrain). Higher productivity. A memory slot is always reserved.

  • There is no need to create a unique mapping for each object.

  • There is no need to fill the entire texture square, as it is necessary to do in the atlas. You can use two, three, four, five textures and there is no memory overuse. Only as many textures will be used as you have added.

  • Textures should always be of the same resolution.

  • You have to update the texture array if you update the texture. (depends on how the technology is made).

  • We have to wait for the array to be overwritten. (Rebake can help if the guys from Epic Games implement such a feature).

Hi Leksey,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve passed this along to the team. As soon as there is any information/update, I will reply to the thread! :slight_smile: Thank you for taking the time to write this feature request.

Hi Sam,
Thank you!

I know this is a bit old and a bit off topic but related to pros and cons post. I’m new to arrays but using them for a low cost layer system. The issue is that it doesn’t stream mips like traditional textures. My solution is manually calling the mip in the shader but I imagine that adds a fairly expensive cost.

Any suggested solutions?
Any plans for a fix in the future?

Doesn’t work, even if you use a Texture Group?

Hi any update on this for ue4 and ue5?

I have checked in UE5 the automatic update of arrays works well.
I will continue to check.


Hi, I’ve been looking at this in UE4.27, and the array for me updates when I insert a new slot for a texture and then delete it again.

Really? If you reimport a texture into the content browser, does it update normally or you have to go in and add it into the 2d texture array again?
@LiamV.B Does it update in the 2d texture array when you reimport the texture into the content browser?

Also mipmap doesn’t work with the 2d texture array in ue5.

I haven’t tested any of this in UE5. But from one of the messages above, I understand that the textures not automatically updating in the array should be fixed in UE5. However, in UE4.27, this issue still persists, but the array can manually be refreshed by adding a texture slot and deleting it again.
(With the issue, I mean the Texture array object itself does not refresh when a texture is reimported while the array keeps referencing the reimported texture)