Improt FBX into UE4 with Multiple Objects

Curious if anyone can tell me how to import my Arch Viz scene with all of my objects into UE4 without it combining them all into 1 mesh.

what I do is this:

  • in your 3d program of choice set everything up, positions, locations etc
  • set every object’s origin (pivot) point to center (0, 0, 0)
  • export to FBX
  • import FBX, uncheck “combine meshes”
  • when everything is loaded into content browser select ALL imported objects and drag them into the scene
  • on right hand side panel set object coordinates to 0, 0, 0 (with still everything selected) and everything should be set up as in your 3d app

downside to this approach is that the pivot points are all the same spot, so if you need to rearrange something it’ll be difficult with pivot being far from the object that you’re trying to move. but if you don’t need to adjust anything it’s working well that way. you can even redo something in 3d app, export only that object to the fbx file (rewrite over the first one, make sure that the new object has pivot at 0,0,0), right click on old object in content browser in UE4 and select reimport. all aligned… :wink: