Improoving Quixel assets in UE5

Hi guys,
I´m testing some assets from Quixel in UE5 Preview 2. The models are amazing, but I´d like to shot some closeups. At this level, some assets doesn´t have enough details, even in Ninite version.
Is it possible to improove mesh resolution of Quixel assets?
Folows some attached images.

I tried to increase subdivision level, but I receive the following message:
Is it possible to break this limit?

Well, I figured out that displacement is no longer present at material. I have to subdivide mesh and use Displacement, from Modeling Tools. But I have to increase the limit of divisions, as described at past post…

you might need to isolate the area you want to focus on. In the TriSelect tool you can select the area you want to add resolution to and then use separate to create the submesh. Then you could use subdivide to add resolution. You could also use displace which will allow you to include noise or a texture in addition to subdividing the mesh.

Thanks for your reply. I´ll try it!