Impromptu Marketplace Stuff (Fire, ladders, handrails, stairs, oh my)

I have a new submission today and rather than just continually make thread after thread every time I have some new thing I figured it’d be better to just make a thread for all my marketplace stuff. Hopefully that’s okay with everyone. Discuss any and all of the marketplace stuff I do in here! Including support and stuff, or you can email me.

Here’s the new thing: Procedural staircase generator. I pretty much make blueprints to automate the stuff I find annoying as a level designer. This one is maybe the biggest time saver so far for me. I just submitted it, hopefully it gets a bit of traction. As part of ongoing experimentation into pricing this one’s gonna be super cheap, like 5-10 bucks.

Procedural Stairs

Here’s the previous stuff. Handrails still looking for votes on the Trello. The rest of it’s all available now.

Procedural Handrails Trello link

Procedural Ladders Marketplace link

Fire Propagation System Marketplace link

InFlux Sample Game Marketplace link


Btw. I really could use a Spacethingy, as a way for persistent architecture building, with my custom meshes. Currently, even with pre assembled mesh modules, it takes some time to setup everything.

Hmmm. Spacething is a bit underdeveloped/not performant, I hadn’t started using instanced meshes at that point, and it has the obvious limitation of only being able to make rooms on a grid in size increment multiple of 400 or so. What were you thinking of doing with it?

(we’re talking about this btw everyone)

Build a space base, or station, or dungeon or architecture in general. I could launch your app, hop in, setup the space inside as i see fit, make changes as i go along and when i quit, the setup is saved, and then i could add custom things manually ( decals, extra detail meshes, special lights, etc).

Perfect would be if you could give voice commands. “Make Room A”, “Make Corridor B”, “Make Entrance A”, “Make Window F”.

Impromptu Procedural Handrails are up on the marketplace! $20.

You can vote for the stair generator now! It’s only going to be like five bucks so go do it.

you sound like Sylvester Stallone :slight_smile:

oh btw, nice work.

Haha, never been told that before.

Also, the stair system is up! Five bucks.

I sent an email asking some questions and was never heard back from, and I also put some input on how to improve upon the stairs as they as missing some important aspects

would be great to hear back from and not just be ignored

Hey, JoeWintergreen

Very practical procedural staircase. Cool
I Bought!

Have you considered include option to your procedural staircase and handrails to create spiral or curved forms?


Hmm, sorry about that Vata, must have slipped past me. I’ll take a look.

: Yeah, I was considering that initially. I might take a run at that feature soon. Can think of a couple different ways to do it.