ImproGo - Educational iOS/android game motion captured and built in UE4

Hi everyone. I’m part of a team working using UE4 to build a free lifestyle/educational app all about improvisation called ‘ImproGo’. The goal is to produce an animated guide through various techniques and exercises. In addition to building it in UE4 we’re also using the engine (and a LOT of vive trackers) as an affordable means to quickly capture all the animation that is featuring in the app.

Here’s a quick video of the initial prototype from a few months ago (when it was called ‘The Improv Book’).

Building that prototype proved very useful because it helped identify and work through a few problems. We’ve shifted to an orthographic view to help better display multiple characters in a space, as well as introducing 3d environments with baked lighting and background gradients to help organically add depth to the scene (characters are going to remain flat/unlit for performance reasons).


Motion capture improvements
Lastly, as you may see, whilst using UE4 blueprints/sequencer and vive trackers actually works surprisingly well for real time motion capture, being restricted to just two ‘1.0’ lighthouses means you will often have problems with jitter from obstruction, forcing things to be overly smoothed out. We’re in the process of updating our system with 2.0 lighthouses which allows for up to four, which should make things even faster and higher fidelity!