Impossible to test my level

Working on a boat in water, using buoyancy. Making that work is hard for a noob like me, but when I click the play button, the camera moves far away and I cant get it back to the location I was to see how the buoyancy works. I’ve tried making a player start, also right-click and “play from here” -but same result. I’ve used 2 weeks on this and still cant solve it.

To be honest, as a new learner of Unreal, this is about to make me give up Unreal development all together. If I’m having this much problems on something so basic, I wonder if UE is even possible to learn on my own.

I would be grateful for any tips or suggestions from you fine people here.

Best regards, Steffen :slight_smile:

It sounds like the collision is bouncing you out of the map. Try looking at the level in player collision mode:

Thank you for your tip, I’ll try that right away.

Thank you! That worked! Very grateful for your help, maybe I can do this :slight_smile: