Impossible to post in UE Forums

Hi everyone!

I created an account yesterday, accepted the EULA, downloaded and installed the Launcher, connected to it, and connected the forums. But I always get this message :

To post on the forums, you must either:
Accept Unreal Engine EULA via the Download Page and install the Launcher
Connect your Epic account to GitHub

Unfortunately I can’t send a private message to a moderator or connect another accounts…

Thank you for help.

Try connecting Epic account to GitHub and then comment if it wasn’t solved.

Hello @TRI99ER

Unfortunately, connecting Epic Account to GitHub didn’t solve the problem.

Thank you for help.

Without any reasons, I connected today and I’m able to post on the forums. However I had disconnected/connected yesterday… So… The mystery of databases!

Thank you for help.

I didn’t actually help there, but thank you for accepting it anyway. I’m glad you were able to connect. Actually, the only thing I could recommend there and for everyone having the same issue is to go to appropriate support page, where you can ask about your issue.

hi its seems me and dozens of other people are experiencing the same issue. I have also linked my GitHub and agreed to the “Accept Unreal Engine EULA” thing. When I am on the forums there is just no link to post anything, nor can I reply.

Please advise.