Impossible to make changes after the initial review of my product (wrong category)


I created this Topic because I can’t modify my project after the initial review of my product.

I received an email yesterday containing this:

Your product now has a status of CHANGES NEEDED. Please take the following steps to submit changes to your product and put it back into a status of PENDING APPROVAL:

  1. Find and open this product in the Seller Portal
  2. Edit the Project File Link of your pre-existing Project Version in the Product Files section with a link to download the most up-to-date version of your project folder that takes the aforementioned concerns into account
  3. Click SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL in the footer

I can’t update the project because it’s still in the category: “pending approval” (and not “changes needed”).
Did I forget something? is it normal ?

I contacted support yesterday, I haven’t heard back yet.

My project : Lightning/Electricity VFX Pack

EDIT : Problem solved, it was an oversight corrected in less than 24 hours. Thanks.