Impossible to install my app on my phone, please help me :'(


I’ve got a problem with my app. I can use it if I launch on Unreal Engine or if I install it in developpement and not for shipping but if i’m trying to install to my phone in shipping/ for distribution there is an error :

C:\Documents\UnrealProject\Free_Money\Android_ASTC>C:\NVPACK\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools\adb.exe shell mv /sdcard/Download/obb/com.Excubia.FreeMoney /sdcard/Android/obb/com.Excubia.FreeMoney
mv: bad ‘/sdcard/Download/obb/com.Excubia.FreeMoney’: Operation not permitted

Is anyone got this problem ? Please help me ! :cry:

Hey, could you give us a little more information? What happened directly before the error? Are you launching the app to your mobile through Unreal? Looks like a path issue. Can you check if that path is valid?

Before this error, everything seems normal and I don’t think it’s a path error because there’s no problem when I pack it in development. I can put you the rest of the logs

How are you trying to install it? Ivefown with Android those install scripts have never worked for me,. But you can literally drag the APK file on your phone and manually install it,. That’s how I do it. I think the reason this isn’t working is because its marked for distribution though. The dev build is the one for testing,. When everything works you make the distribution build and upload to the Google play store