Impossible to import armatures or animations to UE4 from Blender

There is not much to say really. I try to import it, and it crashes. No message or anything. And it’s random too. Some of my Characters were imported just fine, just the usual errors. And some don’t work at all. Why? I would show a screenshot, but there is nothing to show. I click on Import and two seconds later, it crashes. Showing nothing at all expect the report to Window that shows up after it crashes. It just happens to meshes with Rigs or Animations. Static meshes are imported just fine.

Is Blender a viable option for UE4? It seems very random and an utter mess.


This is a problem that seems to be affecting other users as well. Not limited to Blender but 3ds Max and Maya users. It has been reported as a BUG check the link below.