Impossible to create a menu in the new version of Unreal

Hi, when I create a “Blueprint Widget” (to create a main menu for a project) a floating menu pops up asking me what kind of menu I want (I have never seen this before nor have I found any tutorial where this appears).

This would not be a problem if, when choosing the “User Widget” (which I understand is the basic one) it would let me work on it as usual. It doesn’t. First of all, when I hover the mouse over the design area, the edges of the screen are not highlighted. But the worst thing is that when I drag and drop any element of the palette over the design area; the element occupies the whole screen and cannot be resized.

Have I skipped a step, does this have something to do with the new Unreal 5 update? I have really searched everywhere for the solution, but in no tutorial appears this case and in the official guide of unreal 5, in the page to create a menu, all the images are missing.

Best regards and thanks in advance.

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Ok, I have solved it. In the end I installed the “sample content” and looked at how the menus were made.
The problem basically is that the first thing to do to create a menu is to find in the “common” menu the “Canvas Panel” and drag it to the workspace. Once placed you can place inside all the elements that you want.