Impossible to create a game. corrupted engine, conflicts... How to proceed under these conditions?

I can’t do anything in the game, I’m trying to create a space exploration FPS game, everything causes bugs in the engine, when I play in standalone and in dedicated server mode, if there is more than one player on the server, all other players freeze, several internal engine errors appear in the engine’s CMD, suddenly a blueprint that was working perfectly stops working without me making any changes, if I keep making too many changes within the character class blueprint the replication stops working and all child components attached to a parent and movable component stop moving together relatively and are abandoned at the level as if they were not attached to it. Suddenly the actors at a specific level start to be thrown to location 0 in the world. If I put more than 4 movable lights next to the shadows they are deactivated until then I know that this is normal that’s fine but if I remove one of these lights or all the engine does not reactivate the shadows again and then all the shadows of any light in the level are without shadows forcing me to create a new level and copy everything from the previous level to a new level. Every time I’m working on any blueprint the engine simply gives a quick freeze and closes without opening the “crash report”. From time to time when I play in standalone suddenly the more times I open the game in standalone the slower it takes to open the level forcing me once again to create a new level and copy again from the previous level, in short, bugs in animations, bug in saves, events of different blueprints that are called at the same time even if they don’t have any changes just don’t work, internal “unknown” errors of the mechanism when packaging the project, auto save is called while I use the engine corrupting the asset file . Error when saving the project and all assets, lighting conflicts and shading errors, all these errors are internal and do not happen only in my project but in all the projects that I create even if repairing the engine is useless, I pass the all day trying to circumvent these engine bugs and errors and waste my time creating the game. Basically it is impossible to make progress on a big ambitious game project or small projects.

I understand you. UE is in some cases really buggy. In others there is basic functionality missing. But you didn’t try out the level sequencer until now, the letters would be twice as big otherwise :wink:

:frowning: Thanks for letting me know kkkkk, so I’m not even going to try level sequencer I already have enough headaches in the unreal engine

Sometimes I understand why I see bugs in games, it’s not the games and the developers’ flaws, but the engine flaws they used to create the game.