Imports are up to 10-15x's their actual size in game

I mean the actual asset.

I have files that are barely 1.2mb fbx files. I import them and they turn into 65-80mb files. I only started to notice this because my mod has nearly reached the 1.5gb size download, maybe bigger now with only a simple amount of actual items imported.

I have been going through and systematically trying to find ways to clean up models and make meshes smaller, textures tighter and so on.

But I have no idea why the engine is turning these assets into MONSTER files. I have textures that is 30mb! A single, reused texture already from the main ARK core, 30mb! Mind blowing.

So with this I started to look across the entire mod, nearly ALL the files are 10-15 times their actual sizes when turned into the uasset file for use in the mod.

This seems like a terrible waste of space and not sure what’s going on here, a little research is kind of pointing to the Unreal Engine itself - but I can’t get a confirmed yes or no on that.

I’m wondering if anyone else is having this problem or would even have noticed.

My best example:

A Simple Lamp - actual size as the fbx : 1.2mb
Same Lamp Imported : 65.8mb

That’s one spicey meatball!

I would have no idea as to what’s at play here, as my behemoth gate replacement for my fence(currently with a generic texture from Maya) which is a 40k poly model total, is about 1.xMB’s in FBX format, and is only 3.xMB’s after importation into the DevKit.


40k poly? Dang that’s huge. Game ready shouldn’t be over 15k - and I try my darnedest to not go over that amount, unless it’s an outside resource - and even then I try to load it in Maya or 3ds max and carve off as much as I can. :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange thing is though, now when I take a mesh and poly count it back down to normal sizes, it’s making any material attached to it turn into “Mosaic Crystals” like a stained glass window look. Even though it’s a smooth surface.

I swear this devkit will be the end of me. It’s trying to give me heart attacks every turn it can! :smiley:

I tried a 40k model version of the lamp - for kicks, made it all smooth like… pretty. Same issue, file is only 1.3mb - and the import is over 60mb.

Where’s my heart medicine? Oooo… I’m coming lordy!

You know the in-game behemoth gate is just under 32k polys, right? There are a lot of high-poly objects in game. Mine is only 8k over the standard behemoth, it’s not as if it’s a foundation where there’s going to be possibly multiples of ten at any given time on screen…

High poly items are completely acceptable. It just depends on what it is so as to determine how many may possibly be rendered at any given time. If it’s something that will most likely be rendered a lot, repeatedly, then the lower the better, naturally.

It must be something local to what you’re doing that is causing the spikes in file sizes, the only thing I’ve ever done that approaches anything like that is the destructible meshes, which my 40k poly behemoth has a 33MB size to it.


Take care of your LODs and all will be fine :smiley:

It’s not the graphical problem I am having - It’s the incredible file sizes I am getting. The Level Of Details aren’t an issue, but a silly 70mb file for a tiny little lamp is or a 300mb Destructible Mesh file from a simple 10mb mesh asset.

These things are a little out of control. Just saying, luckily I now know what the culprit is. So I can approach this thing with a better idea on how to handle this resource hog. heh heh.


Care to elaborate for any who may follow who come accross this issue(and ever learn how to use the search function ._.)?


Oh sorry. Yeah, I’m revamping the DM structures. Shaved nearly 400mb off the size by changing what they are.

Another thing is - why does it force us to download Linux and Window versions? I don’t use Linux, I can’t think of any sane people who do for gaming - servers sure, gaming not really. BUT that’s a personal choice. Being forced to download THEIR items as well as mine, doubles the size of our mods. Just FYI for those looking to shave the sizes - if you’re not catering to Linux, YOINKS!