I’m trying to import the “content” folder from landscape mountains (found in learn tab) into my project.

When I copy and paste it says the uassests cannot be read or isn’t a reconised file.

Any ideas? I wanna use the road assets :frowning:


-are you using the same engine version?
-how do you try to import them? -> uasset files cant be imported, you have to move them into your own content folder (either by hand or with the migration tool) :slight_smile:

Yep same engine version… 4.8.2 (I think it’s .2)

I tried dragging and dropping and it failed.

Then I tried closing the engine, copying the folder over to my project using the file browser and reload the engine but that folder doesn’t appear?


Hmm, normally it should work when you do it like that -> have you already tried the migration tool:

I shall try when I get back home :slight_smile: