Importing .zip files?

I have a cool alien character named Fava bean man that I want to include in my game, but the mesh is always exported as a .zip file. I think I need an obj file, but how do I convert it?

Help me please

You’ll need to export it from your modeling program as a OBJ or FBX format. UE4 will not import .zip files.

Thank you!


Export as .zip? what program are you using because afaik no 3d application does that?
Did you just download the file? in that case you need winzip/winrar or 7zip (google those names) to unzip the files.
chances are they arent .fbx or .obj files and in that case you need a 3d application to export them as the aforementioned files.

I went to files and hit extract and it was a .obj file

good! that should work :slight_smile: