Importing Vectors into Data Tables

Hi All,

I’m struggling to import vector and transform data types from csv into data tables. I can’ seem to work out how the entry should be parsed. When an empty table is imported is comes up as:

AVectorType: (X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=0.000000)

Inputting (X=1.000000,Y=1.000000,Z=1.000000) gives an error, as does using other characters like ; or \ to separate values…

Please help!

If you struggle to import data just check how its formatted when you open the strut.

I was able to import a vector 2d by simply using:


This is the same format showed in the strut. I also tested with a standard 3 vector and it worked for me using:


Hope this helps.

I’ve re-tried both of these with no joy: neither Vector2D or 3D vectors work:
Lines read:


in the text file, and importing gives a “malformed string” error message :frowning:

The answer is double quotes…


This works…

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Just BTW … If you are saving .xls to .csv from CALC, the option to have “” added as a text delimiter is given on save in a pop up dialog so the cell can just be (X=0.1, Y=0.2, Z=0.3)

:face_holding_back_tears:3Q, Love comes from a beginner who has been searching for the question for 1 hour.