Importing UDK Landscape

I’ve somehow exported a udk landscape directly from the editor, its given me me 4 files in .raw format (A heightmap along with 4 layer material files?)

I’ve imported the heightmap into a blank ue4 FPS map, it looks a bit smaller than the original tbh, how do I fix this, import the texture files (now .raw format) and repaint the landscape?

I’ve looked at a few tutorials but I need a complete beginners step by step as its not working for me.

I’d really appreciate some help,


Change the scale of the imported landscape…?

@ thorax its still a bit skewiff!

Is there a tutorial for importing a ue3/udk landscape into ue4?

I’m also trying to import and attach the 4 layer files that were exported by ue3, snow, dirt, rock and ground

You could check the docs… Or google.

Done both extensively…seriously depressing!

There seems to be holes in a few tutorials, I’ve now got it up and running, but I think I need to repaint it, the textures seem out of whack too.

Anyway thats enough for today, I’m off home.