Importing Uasset Files-what am I doing wrong?

Very new to this…primarily was doing photos/video and wanted to dabble in this. I am about halfway through the into video tutorial.
I wanted to play around last night and got the top down city package/files. I went to import the houses into the engine and kept getting error messages.
What am I doing wrong? Are the Uasset files not models like FBX? This is confusing for me.

No they are not models. They are assets which the engine creates for assets associated wtih UE. You can place these in Project Folder > Content directory for them to show up.

There are some caveats to this though. If the mesh has materials assigned to it they need to be in the same directory structure that they are in the original project otherwise those textures for the material will lose their references.

As Tim said, you can place them in the Content folder. But remember to check the engine version which the uasset was created and the current one your project is using.

Thanks for the responses. Then where is the actual mesh models in the content packs ? As I indicated I just wanted to place a few houses on an empty plain to get some practice . The folder I was in had 20 uasset files for houses

They should be in your content browser (everything that is imported into the UE4 will be saved as a uasset file) -> so to get the actual mesh, you will have to export them. Right click onto the mesh in your content browser - export - fbx/obj :slight_smile:

i have the buggy UASSET but I odnt know how to add it