Importing Trouble(mesh collision)

Hello unreal community,

I’m rather new to unreal engine 4. I’m just testing out the importing procedures from blender and I am able to get my models from blender to unreal…but I ran into a problem. I have this circular maze I’m working on and I import it fine but the collisions are being passed as a whole single item.


Upon testing, I can’t even enter the maze… the collision is only a 26dop around it and dunno how to make it so that every item(walls, pillars, etc) have their own collision.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Right click the imported result, click edit. Under the menu on the right, look for collision settings. Choose “use complex as simple”, this is per-poly.

Take a look at this video:
When you choose the 1st way, you will have to disable “one convex hull per…” and “generate collision” in the import tab :slight_smile: But for such a complex mesh it’s easier to use DIFTOWs way

Thanks for the reply but I don’t see “use complex as simple” on the collision drop menu… this is what I get.


Either in this version it’s somewhere else or I’m still missing something. Still none of the options here help in getting appropriate collision bounds.

You have to search for it in the search bar -> search for “collision” and set the collision complexity to “use complex as simple” :slight_smile: (like in the video)

I would not recommend to use auto generated collisions for such models, it is better to create your own, then engine performance will be much better.