Importing transform animations


Is there a way of importing non boned animations into UE4. I am talking about animations with transforms such as rotate, move etc. The models I want to import are mechanical objects and are impossible to rig using bones, I have tried!

They import ok into Unity but I would would really like to use UE4 instead.

I am sure this has already been asked, I did a search but could find anything.



What kind of shapes are we talking about here? If simple rotation/translation is all you need why can’t you do it with bones? A bone after all is really just a transform that is applied to a group of vertices. Aside from skeletal animation you can animate using morph targets.

Animate your objects like normal, make sure you have a common root object that they are attached to, can be another object or a dummy object. When you import to UE4, check the box that says Import Rigid Animations

Thanks a lot for the posts… I have got it working! Much appreciated.