Importing to UE5, with "Unsupported file format version EFile Version MAX"

the program mark this message to me “Unsupported file format version EFile Version MAX”, and i had make sure that I only had the two data smith to twinmotion plugins to be installed , but the same error keep on appear to me!

same problem

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Yeah, same here as well. Found any info that could help?

guys, i tried to install the “twinmotion version 2022.1.2” and it had solved the problem for now, but for the “twinmotion latest version 2022.2” the error still there!

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Same here. Running Lenovo, AMD processor, Nvida RTX 3070. I can’t find other people talking about this particular problem. I’ll keep looking for a solution.

Here as well, really struggling atm. Hope there will be a fix soon.

After 4 days, have you solved the problem? I have to install the twinmotion 2022.1 version?


still not…

Same problem here, I suggest everyone to write here in the official support forum for the plugin?

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I just tried to have a temporary solution to the problem, so I can continue my work. so I installed the twinmotion 2022.1 version and it is working so far !

I will keep you updated if the Twinmotion 2022.2 version start to work normal again.

@ElCava Can you open 2022.2 files with the previous version?

I tried it and unfortunately it didn’t work!

the only thing is working only when you open the “older version” files through the “newer version” but rather than that it stall’s !

Let’s also try to get as much comments here, maybe a dev will see.

Any news?

unfortunately, the problem still there!

same problem…

Failed to import ‘file:///Users/sebastiangcs/Documents/’. Failed to create asset ‘projectype’.
Please see Output Log for details.

Had the same issue, I have a Macbook pro M1, I don´t know if that the issue? somebody?

This is also happened to me after downloading 32GB of Twinmotion content for Twinmotion 2022.2 Preview 2 :joy: for the moment I just use twinmotion content directly inside unreal 5.

  • open content drawer
  • settings (right side)
  • check show engine content & show plugin content
  • all 32GB files are located in Folder Engine - Plugins - Twinmotion content content (left side) :innocent:

Can you explain that fix in a little more detail please :slight_smile:

Same problem here. I really need it to work :(((