Importing Tiled Landscape with World Comp

So I already asked this on the UE4 forums but got no help. Basically I can’t import my tiled terrain files into the engine with World Comp. Whenever I choose to import the 16 files, the import config says that I have 0 sections. However, I can upload the terrain pieces in with the landscape tool just fine.

My settings for that are:
127x127 Quads/
1x1 Sections/
16x16 components/
2033x2033 resolution

The reason I’m using world composition is because in WM, the size of the world was 215km2, so I don’t know if that’s the issue. I’m thinking it’s not due to the normal landscape editor being able to load any of the pieces in just fine.

Rebuild you tiles in WM with custom resolution 2017x2017 per tile it should be ok.