Importing the UE4 mannequin

made a interior and would like to play with the mannequin to study it. Pretty new to blueprints. Any way this can be done? Im familiar with migrations, is that the way and is so what files do you migrate? Thanks in advance.

Hey syrom,

You can migrate assets from one of the template projects. Not sure which you want; the third person template requires the skeleton, anim bp, character bp, and art assets (animations, materials, textures). You should be able to choose the character bp, right-click to migrate, and find a list of all referenced assets for it. Try it, but you may need to double-check that all the assets are coming along in the migrate. Good luck!

great tip! That worked great! I was able to do exactly what you suggested. I have one issue though, How would I be able to control it? If i place the character in the map and press play… It always goes to the default spot instead into the character where i can control it. Any tips there?

Ah right, look into your Game Mode and be sure to hook up the right classes. For third person, I believe it is just the Default Pawn Class that needs the right pointer (FPS needs a controller too IIRC).
If the game mode was brought over in the migrate, be sure to choose it in the World Settings.

thanks for the pointer. Very new to blueprints. So what you said just flew over my head. Ill do some reading on this subject.

You can pull up the third person project and your project then match up the same classes in the game mode.

Check the world settings the same way.