Importing - The File Decryption Key is not Valid

I bought another computer to help work on a series of models we are processing to speed things up.

I found out you cannot open a PPI project on another machine which is a real pain. So instead I exported the alignment and tried to import that into a new project on the second computer and I have this error.

“Importing - The File Decryption Key is not Valid”

Is this the same problem as moving a project?

This is a real problem if it is because I have to wait for the projects to process on computer 1 before I can work on them again.

Hello dear Chris,
is this dataset already licensed?

Yes, the dataset was build on Computer A and I want to edit it on Computer B because computer A is processing something else. I know I cannot open the Project file because that is locked to computer A (please release the fix for this soon) so I thought as an alternative I would export the component and open it in a new project on Computer B but I get this error.

I don’t want to have to align the images again, it is a really complicated dataset of over 1000 images.


Many thanks

Hello Chris, 
I’ve tested this and it really seems to be a bug, thank you for reporting this.
I will discuss it further with my colleagues and hopefully will come with a fix or a solution soon.
Sorry for such inconvenience.

Hello Chris,
I would like to apologize for misleading you. After conversation with my colleagues I have found out that exporting and importing PPI components cross PC results the same as with PPI projects, they’re locked. Sorry again for giving out a false information. The only way then is to use the input data on the next machine unfortunately.

No problem. But this needs addressing very quickly. We need to be able to move data across computers or an ability to unlock these projects/components. I bought a new computer to help with our workload and I cannot use it unless I begin the projects again. These projects take 48hrs to model so I don’t want to begin them again.