Importing Templates to other Projects?

I have a project already made, with own map, and with past experience through Unity I knew this was going to be one of those stupid things, so I searched already and followed the other posts instructions, but it doesn’t work…

So in UE 4.21, I have my own project. I go to content viewer》add new》add template and add in the third person template.

I throw in the ThirdPersonCharacter BP that has mesh, camera, everything included onto my map. I add in a PlayerStart, but when I press play, I don’t have control of the mesh and the viewport is at the PlayerStart.

Thing Is, I’m thinking I’m supposed to add that PlayerStart to my ThirdPersonCharacter somehow? I don’t really know how. According to instructions, throwing the TPC and PlayerStart should work automatically?

I already know that if I did it backwards, that I started with the TP template to begin with, then imported my map, etc, it would work.

So what’s the difference?

The only difference I noticed was that in the TP template, in the details pane for the PlayerStart, where you can add components, hovering over the PlayerStart component says that the Parent Class is Navigation something.

But how do I get it to work inside MY map?