Importing StaticMesh with Moving/Rotating animation, Rotation does not work, why?

i’m facing a small problem,
every animated mesh that i import with movement (up/down/left/right) works,
but for some reason when there is rotations involved it does not rotate (it still can move but without rotations)
Let’s say for example a rolling boulder rock, it would move in any direction but not rotate.

Is there something i do wrong when i export or import?
The meshes, i made them in Maya, the pivots are centered like it should.
Maybe i need to check/uncheck some options when i export the .FBX out of Maya
or i need to check/uncheck some options when i import it in to Ue4 ?

Maya Export settings i use :

v Smooth Mesh
v Referenced Assets Content

v Animation

v Bake Animation , start 1 end 1200 step 1

v Deformed Models v Skins v Blend Shapes

v Cameras v Lights v Audio v Embed Media v Connections v Include Childeren v Input Connections

FBX File Format ASCII , FBX 2018

Ue4 Import Settings i use :

v Import as skeletal , v Import Mesh , Skeleton > None

v Create Physics Assets

v Import Animations , Animation Length > Exported Time

v Import Custom Attribute

v Mats & Textures

I’ve only wrote the setings i use.

Once again, those are only Static Meshes, nothing rigged with bones or something.

If you could help me figure this out, that would be nice.

I finally figured this out, I was doing a rotation animation as two key frames 0 to 360.
This didn’t work in ue4 for some reason …
Every 360° anims should be in more then 2 keys, like 4 for example : (4x90° = 360° , so 4 keys instead of only 2).
Thank god i saw some other guy having the same isue …
So in short, you realy got to know this, you could waste work hours over this.