Importing Static Meshes as unique objects (from SketchUp to UE4)

[I’ve reached good results using the Datasmith, but the objects keep importing with many points (the Unreal Engine recognizes them as many objects) although I define them as a group in SketchUp before importing. What’s the best way to work with it? Should I do something else in Sketchup before export as Datasmith file? Or should I learn a UE functionality to do that?

I’ve linked an image, to help you understand the problem accurately.](

Datasmith creates those balls for every group you have in your scene. Try un-grouping everything. Or at the least, get rid of groups within groups.

check the import setting in unreal and choose “import as one mesh” not single meshes

Can you post a screenshot of your outliner? We are working with the UE dev team on optimizing Datasmith imports. Some of our tools may help with your groupings. Download our software or send me the file and we can help you.