Importing SketchUp -without- Datasmith?

Hey all,

Looking for the best method to get SketchUp content into UE4 without Datasmith? I don’t want to get into the Studio / Datasmith Beta workflow as I’m just using it for hobby/exploratory work at the moment.

Quads preferred, probably. Bonus points for UV/Materials…

For Sketchup (free version) to import into UE4, you’ll need to use an external program or converter. For example basically you can export from Sketchup as DAE to Blender, and then export from Blender as FBX.

UE4 can import models as FBX or OBJ. So any method to get your model to FBX or OBJ should work.

Thanks - I have the Pro version of SketchUp - haven’t been able to figure out if UE4 understands any mapping, but I started using Blender recently and should be able to figure it out, though I’m scratching my head a bit regarding getting the UV mapping working in UE.

I know there’s sketchup plugins to uv map or unwrap inside sketchup.

Also you should be able to apply a world scale texture with UE4 material, that doesn’t use the model’s UV mapping.

why not using Unreal Studio with Datasmith - it’s still absolutely free and will amke your life much easier for what you want.
Why making it complicated when it’s really easy?

Thanks for the note… as suggested, I don’t want to get dependent on a workflow that will be cut off once the product goes commercial. I suppose I should learn it anyway, but we’re already a few months behind the originally scheduled change to subscription. If I happen to be able to justify a subscription in the future, that would be fantastic, but I’m not there yet.

as far as I know the last beta version remains free when UE4 Studio becomes commercial. Then you can still work with it but there will be no more updates.
I couldn’t pay a commercial version for my projects that are very small, so I couldn’t use it any more. Of course I would wish that they would do the same with UE4 Studio as with UE4 for games, so that you only have to pay for the use after a certain turnover.

Am learning UE 5.03 I am using SKU 19 and have an entire 2 floor structure with many groups and components.
I have a consistent problem with the Datasmith exported plugin for SKU.
I have un and re installed it many times.
I always get an ending (filenem . datasmith) but the file type (that should say fbx)
remains empty.
So when I am in UE simply can’t see the file as the (file type field) remains empty
and I can’t really do the export/import

And yes I am 055+ and I don’t have licence for SK, I can’t afford it.
That is why I am learning UE to get away from this situation.
I went to school just before covid and got SK for free and then the licence stopped.

Is this the problem or do other users have the same issue?
And how to resolve it.

I have tried to export as FBX from SK but my files imoprted on the other side
miss a lot of planes such as floors walls, details, materials etc.

I am designing sort of a indoor city entertainmen tplayground

Is is better I export each item/ride furniture/lockers etc individually or
all putting all groups and components into one big group holding everything?
I have tried the individuals items and they had lost faces
then I tried everything in one and got way more but still many missing faces.
Do the room spaces have to be on layer
and then all ther other items in another
If I explode everything and make everything ONE group
will I be able in UE to change materials for different faces?

I know many questions but my datasmith question is the most important.
Thank you

Do you use the datasmith import button, to import your udatasmith files?

Hello. thank you. I have the Plugin installed in SKU19 and UE 5.03. Since then someone mentioned Datasmith does not work with SKU 19.
So I changed all my SKU assets into FBX to import but I find that many planes and even basci materials do not show up.
I UE I read multiple error message that say SKU material was renamed (which is fine for me)
When importing an asset from SKU do ALL panes need to have two faces (even the slightest thickness) to show in UE? Like glass panes.
If they don’t may this be a reason why they are not showing in my imported fbx file in EU?

So my next questions are

Would you suggest to import en entire SKU scene with NO materials but the basic
and then only apply in UE?
I see the Youtube tutorials where the imported SKU file is like all monochrome
Maybe that is my mistake?
Sorry for maybe not using the right lingo to discribe my learning curve problems.
Thank you.