Importing problem , says joints are too small

I created a small creature in maya and rigged him, tried to import him and said bone size is too small to create a physics asset from skeletal mesh… so I went back and scaled up the joints in maya because the character was really small, then baked simulation and re exported and yet it still is coming up with the same error message … Does anyone know why/ how to fix this? i scaled the joints up 100 times the original size and the mesh was binded to the joints so the mesh resized as well so he should be plenty big enough now but I can’t figure it out


Is there a reason why you would need a physics on such a small creature?

It’s not so much that the bones are to small but rather the distance between parent and child is not wide enough to allow the binding between the physics rig and the one you attached to be established. This usually results in the solution interacting with each other.

As an opinion character physics is yet refined enough to be of any real practical use, that I can see, and ragdoll is very much old tech. Better to animate by hand for death stuff and the only practical use that I can see is if your character is hanging for a ledge in real time.

Depending on what you what to do with such a small character model there maybe a different way of doing it but over all not all things needs physics or something that you can add later as build by import is not always the best solution.


Had similar situation. Character was too small. Simply rescale character in your 3d package. Import it into UE. Scale it down in code to the required dimensions.