Importing Photographs into Unreal

Hi, for my first project in Unreal Engine I am modeling a very simple building in 3ds max and importing it into Unreal Engine, the building consists of 3 floors and will be used as a Art/Photo Gallery. The building is all completed and now all I have to do is import in my Photographs that are mostly in the jpg format, but I’m having a few problems, I am using the Import button in the Content Browser to bring them in and then converting them to a Material and then converting them to a Material Instance and the assign them to a thin box that was created in 3ds Max and imported into Unreal, now the photo(jpg images) ends up on the box but the quality is not good. So would anyone be in a position to tell me why the quality of the photo is not good. Is this the proper way of bringing in photos (jpg images) into unreal. Any help will be most appreciated. I heard about Decals but they need a Diffuse and a Alpha Channel, and they seem to be for things like blood spatters and bullet holes, and I want to bring in the complete photograph in jpg format.
Thank you in advance for any help