importing only animations

hello there, im quite a newbie in animations and how they work. i have an fbx file which has over a 100 animations in it but just animations. no mesh. the problem is, when i try to import this file and choose the standart mannequin skeletal, an error pops up and says it has to update bones. when i click yes to all, it brakes everything.

i dont know how to import all those animations. any ideas on how to solve this ?

i ve added screen shots for you to see the errors





this the end result, quite weird, bones dont match, i get that but no clue how to fix them.

Whether or not the file contains a mesh, the animation tracks still deal with bone hierarchy. Is it correct that your animations use a different rig from the UE4 mannequin? If so, you’ll need to create your own skeleton asset (don’t specify anything in the skeleton slot at import, it should import one automatically) and then if you need to use marketplace animations as well, you can follow these instructions for retargeting:

Now, if the skeleton data you’re trying to import has the same hierarchy but differing bone names, I think it’s just a matter of renaming those to match Epic’s rig…

after a couple of hours playing around it i found out that animation file has different bones and names but no mesh at all. so when i just import the file without selecting a skeleton then is everything fine but this time only 1 animation file with all the animations packed as 1 animation. its impossible to tell which animation is at what time. another issue is i cant put any mesh to the animation file. it has no mesh just bones and ofcourse i dont see anything.

is there any tutorial covering these issues ?

In the “animation length” section of the importer there is an option to set range by frame, which is probably what you’ll want to do for each animation. It won’t import the individual sequences automatically unless it recognizes “takes” in the FBX file, which a lot of software does not support correctly.

Are you trying to use a custom mesh or an existing one (such as the mannequin)? For custom, you probably need to look at a tutorial for your particular modelling/animation package where they cover skin binding (this can’t be done in the editor currently). Otherwise, you’ll need to do retargeting to use “mannequin rig” based meshes with your custom animations.