Importing one .fbx creates 20 static animations

So I made a simple idle gun animation in Blender. I exported it as an .fbx and then attempted to import it into Unreal. Once imported, it creates a physics asset, a skeleton, a skeletal mesh, AND 20 animations! My Blender file had multiple objects, so I tried merging all the objects one, and re-exporting/re-importing. It changed the animation count to 12.

When I look at the individual animations, they are completely static - no movement. I only have 3 keyframes in my Blender animation. Each animation takes the form of one of the keyframes. There are no animations showing the parts between the keyframes.

How do I fix this so when I import my .fbx, I get a single animated animation?

I should also note that when I imported my .fbx, I got several warnings:

  • “The following bones are missing from the bind pose:” Followed by the last bone in each of my fingers with _end appended to the end
  • A whole bunch of “Missing influence on vert X. Weighing it to root.” I assume this is referring to the vertices in my gun, as I didn’t want the bones in the hands to interfere with the gun
  • A couple “Imported bone transform is different from original.” errors

For reference, here is a picture of my animation in Blender:

My Blender .fbx export settings:

And my Unreal import settings:

I’m not sure if this is your problem or not but I think I’ve experienced some similar things when importing stuff made in blender into UE4. What you need to do is, in Blender, open the dope sheet then the action editor. Once there, delete any actions that you are not using or have no actual animations in them.

About the problems with the verts in the gun. If you want to have the gun be a part of the same skeletal mesh you will need to weight it to something or it will be done for you. What I would do is put a single bone in the gun then weight the gun entire gun to it.

Also, from my experience, its best to check the “Only deform bones” box in blender, and I’ve gotten a lot of horrible animation errors when using the 7.4 fbx format with skeletal meshes exported from Blender. I use 7.4 for my static meshes but only the 6.1 for all my skeletal.

Hope this helps.