Importing older uasset files into newer version of dev kit

Hi, i’m really quite new to this, and I wanted to play around with the dev kit for a few reasons. one of which is because me and my friend run our own server and he and I wanted certain mods. However the problem with the mods, is we either have a huge mod load list that updates so much we are stuck updating the server every hour. (slight exaggeration, but not by much XD). The other issue, is that some of the bigger mods we wanted, we only wanted some features of it. So I wanted to kinda take some of those mods and do a bit of slice and dice, and basically make one big one for our server so that we are happy.

Now more to the point, currently i’m trying to revive the Roofing plus mod that the creator seemingly abandoned, because it hasn’t been updated since September. I really like the aesthetics to it, and I want to expand them out to the metal and stone equivalents. (I can’t get enough of building, so I want more tools!) So in my limited experience, I thought maybe I could download the mod from the workshop, and import the files from that into the editor, and re-texture and copy and paste/tweak things and I would be happy. Wrong… When I try to import the files from that download I get “Unable to import file… Unknown file extension .uasset” Or something close to that. So I took to the internet, and the forum here about importing, and Someone said a workaround would be to try to manual move the files into the directory and it would circumvent the error.

Well that worked… to a point. The files all show up in the editor, but almost all of them have a white icon, saying “Example_File_name” (Blueprintgeneratedclass) and if I so much as even left click on any of the files like that the editor crashes. The only thing that seemed to work just fine from that whole process, are the Static and destructible meshes and the Icon files.

All in all, i’m wanting to know if there is a way I can fix, or import those files that crash my thing, or if I should go through the tedious process of trying to replace them manually myself, and hoping I can figure out all the values needed XD.
Any help is appreciated, and sorry if someone doesn’t like the idea of me “Stealing” a mod, I am not experienced enough to do any of this myself, and I feel like if I can do this, this way, it makes more sense to save some time. :stuck_out_tongue:

The issue here isn’t version difference. You are trying to open cooked(compiled) files. If you want to continue the mod i would suggest you contact the mod author and ask im if he would hand you the source files.