Importing objects into 4.11 / 4.12

I have a chair that I modeled in Solidworks and converted to a .fbx file that I would like to import into unreal. I am not sure if I am doing this right but when I press the import button and import the file, I get this error

Failed to import ‘…/…/…/…/…/…/Users/Adam/Desktop/Cad/SolidWorks/Other/ChairTest.fbx’. Failed to create asset ‘/Game/ChairTest’

I have tried an Autodesk utility to convert to .fbx, through maya, and through blender, and i still get the same error.
So, what should my workflow be to get from modeling a part (solid works preferable but if you use another program the you prefer or is better id love to hear), all the way to rendering the object in the unreal editor and texturing it?
If you’d be willing to help me more along the process id love an email at

The part file are unsupported so I can send them to you elsewhere if you’d like to see them.

Had this problem before when I had the FBX exporter set up to only export animation so the file contained no geometry