Importing Object Difficulties

I have an OBJ of a pool table that I am trying to import into my scene and whenever the model is put into the level it has missing faces and I have tried almost every import combination possible on the editor to no success. I have also tried importing the OBJ into Blender where the model is complete. I am not very familiar with Blender or the whole concept of importing/exporting from one editor into another. I have tried many different setting when exporting it from blender but it seems like no matter what I try I end up with similar results in the end. It very well could be a simple solution that I am simply overlooking due to lack of experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to the OBJ:

Thanks again

I haven’t looked at the model, but 3d packages typically don’t do backface culling, which game engines will do by default. If geometry is one sided, in UE4, you wont be able to see it from back angles.