Importing .obj/fbx with 10 textures


i have a problem with importing a quiet big object(70mb) into UE4.
It has 10 textures applied to it because it is a photogrammetric scan made with 123d catch.
An error named degenerate tangent bases occurs. Well, i already tried to reduce its size in Blender. But there another error occured(could not bake the new texture(circular reference…).
Apart from that i cant really fit the textures correctly onto the mesh when it is finally in 3d viewport/UE4. Big mess! TExtures dont fit anymore.

Someone an idea what i could do?

may be yur terrain to ZBrush,-thear to disemat mesh)Brush have this function with color painted mesh, no browken texture pust desimation)


Do you uncheck Generate Lightmap UVs in FBX Import Options dialog?
Because UV for Lightmap always on secondary channel. After generate UV for Lightmap, UE4 insert new UV after UV0. And you loose UV ordering.

thanks for the quick reply. Well Problem got solved. Somehow i dragged the textures the wrong way onto the object.
With models consisting of 3 textures that direct drag drop way worked.
but for this one, i had to create material seperate each time and then carefully dragging it onto the corresponding element thumbnails. Step by step.
Anyone an advice on Performance?
Is there a way to merge 10 textures somehow together?
Would that decrease draw calls?

The best way to reduce draw calls would be to slice up your project into smaller, modular pieces, and then import only one of each. 70mb FBX is HUGE!

i use it right now only for testing purpose.
i’ll decimate polys from now 900,000 to 3000.