Importing OBJ/DAE assets into UE4! Help please

So I want to use some assets from to use in a little game I am making. I am very new to using UE4 and I need some help on getting this assets into the game. For example, I downloaded this PDA from here

And the files are

I have no clue how to get this asset into UE4 with the textures attached to it. Is there a way to do that? And if not, how do I go about fixing the issue?


You can’t import an OBJ/DAE in to Unreal Engine, it only supports FBX. Please see the links below for help:

FBX Content Pipeline

FBX Static Mesh Pipeline

FBX Animation Pipeline

while I don’t want to disagree with you but obj support was added in UE4.2

from the 4.2 release notes.

@Knight526806, you should be able to import your obj and tga’s although as qdelpeche pointed out with those links fbx support is much better then obj, you might want to think about importing your obj into a 3D app like blender and then exporting to fbx.

to answer your question, import the model and the textures, create materials using your textures and then apply the materials to the material slots in the model viewer.

While I dont want to disagree with both of you… :stuck_out_tongue:
It is not a limited support of obj in UE4, it’s just limitation of obj format itself

ha:), re-reading my post I should have wrote its better to use fbx format as it supports more features then obj;)

Disagree with me … I had no idea … I have never even tried to import an OBJ. OP … I am sorry for misleading you … the other mods will beat me later and male me repent. 8-}

you can import into blender, then export as .fbx

But it doesn’t work within a skeletal animation: If you import a DAE file into Blender. And next you export the result to UE4 (in FBX) , you won’t have the same final quality result inside UE4.

In effect, FBX doen’t keep the smooth mesh information for a skeletal animation. Unless someone has a solution?

This tool from Autodesk works pretty well

but yeah ideally you would learn to do it with a DCC tool, Blender, Modo, Maya, Max etc. they can all do it and they all have their quirks about doing it - lots of forum searching I’m afraid.

Import them into blender and then export to fbx

Yes but it’s impossible to import FBX skeletal mesh with high resolution and animation from any third party software to UE4.

Unless someone has an idea?