Importing New 3d Mesh

Can someone help me?
Basically what i want to do is take the rex model, remesh it a bit (not adding anything fancy or new, the same model but retouched)
When i try to import it back in the Dev Kit i get:

  • Static model that doesn’t animate
  • Animated model but stretched and twisted
  • Failed to import the model for magic reasons

I can’t figure out what i do wrong, i tried both Blender & Maya, i was following this tutorial: Ark Dev Kit Series E17 How To Make A Dino - YouTube
But in the video it doesn’t touch any model, so i can’t figure out how to do things.
If someone can help me, or just make a super simply tutorial on how to export/Import correctly edited meshes to help everyone out there, would be great.


  • Sanciolo

When you edit a skeletal mesh you have to redo the weight painting of the mesh to the skeleton.

Even if it’s already done?