importing multiple meshes


I’ve exported a scene with 1100 parts to separate obj files.

I’d like to run them through a batch and then re-import them again for texturing.

at the moment I can only import one at a time. and it goes in as its own model in rc. ideally I’d like all 1100 parts to come back into rc an treat them as if it was just a single model for texturing, and then export the parts again.

I have an idea to do something similar with cli, but I think I’d have to run the texturing process 1100 times rather than just once.



Dear Chris,
I is not possible yet. However, you can export whole model, post-process it, and import it back so that it will be divided to parts. Number of triangles of each part will be limited. You can set the threshold in RECONSTRUCTION \ Settings \ Advanced \ Model Import \ Maximal vertices count per part . Then you can texture it and export by parts.

Just wanted to add my +1 to the original request. Thanks!