Importing Morph targets UE4 Problem

Greetings guys,

I’m trying to get down morph targets and export them from 3d app import into the Unreal Engine, but the thing is I’m facing really huge issue for which I couldn’t find solution.

I’m like very familiar with Maya and as well as Morphs (in this case Blendshapes), basically the idea is to create several blendshapes and import these into the UE4, but somehow there is no “Import Morph Target” checkbox while importing Morphs…
Made sure to follow each step of the documentation guide: FBX Morph Target Pipeline in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

Character is rigged by using Human IK and I might be adding some fancy Idle pose for Character and create morphs to resize each separated part of the body (i.e. re-sizing head) so the player should be able to twaek character in the Character Creation menu.

Any help would be very much appriciated, thank you guys!

Make sure that morphs is included when exporting as a deformation.