Importing Model with Parent Child relationship

When I import an fbx file from blender into Unreal, the model is broken into different objects and the parent child relationships are lost. Is there a way to import a model while maintaining parent child properties?

Morever, when trying to update and reimport a model into unreal, if the model is comprised of different objects, all of the individual objects become a combined mesh of the whole object.

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yeah for some reason they made a whole other import button to do that.

file > import into level

that will give you a blueprint with all the hierarchy maintained. then change the parent class to whatever you want in the class settings

I figured it out, but thanks. Ive been using drag and drop but I guess it doesn’t recognize that its a multi layer object.

However, whenever I reimport the model, some materials get duplicated and reassinged. Does anyone know how to fix this?