Importing MikuMikuDance Models [MMD] to Unreal Engine 4 [UE4]

I want to make an anime game. But most anime models I found are for Miku Miku Dance.

I tried to find tutorials but some of them are in Japanese and I don’t understand others.

Is there a way to convert them to FBX or OBJ and import them?

Has anybody done this before?

I found this tutorial quite helpful. Although it’s not in English.

Is Chinese?

I have developed a pretty good workflow for MMD to UE4 using Blender with the MMD tools addon. I plan to write an article about how to do it but I’m not sure when I will have that done. If anyone has questions about how to get MMD models working with Unreal Engine you can email me at and I will do my best to help you out.

u can use PMX2FBX