Importing Meshes in Unreal Studio

Hi guys! I recently have started to use Unreal Studio and I’ve got a question regarding importing meshes via Datasmith Importer. Why some of meshes are importing into a scene like always - as Static Meshes however some of them are importing as the Actors? Have anyone met such an issue?

In 3DS Max Select the object which is imported as Actor –> goto Utilities –> Reset X-Form then click on Reset Selected. Now Reimport, object will be imported as Static Mesh.

Check the Datasmith learning materials. The above procedure is mentioned in one of the videos.

thanks! it works

Strangely this doesnt work for me. I’ve applied Reset XForm and reimport, objects still appear as Actor.
Any other solution on this? Thanks.

** Update **
Nevermind, it works. It just that reimport do not update this. I have to delete the previously imported datasmith files and import a new ones.

perfect solution.