Importing Mesh

Hey guys,

So I bought a weapon mesh on a 3d site. Its fully UV mapped and when I import it into Maya it looks great. It comes with an UE4 FBX file and seperate TGA files (is this normal)? So is the process to import the FBX model and then manually assign the textures to the material that is auto created? The TGAs that it comes with is.

AO - Abient Occlusion?
EM - Emissive?
NM - Normal ?
RG -Roughness?
SP - Specular?
AL - No clue what this would plug in? Thoughts?


Yep, you import everything and afterwards you connect the textures in the material. :slight_smile:

AO -> Ambient Occlusion -> connect it with the Ambient Occlusion link
EM -> connect it with the Emissive link
NM -> connect it with Normal
RG -> connect it with roughness
SP -> connect it with specular
AL -> I think that’s Albedo -> connect it with Base Colour

TY Sir


It might be wise to make a control map and put all grayscale textures in different channels of one texture. Saves drawcalls.

Got it. Still playing around with it. Having scale issues when importing from Maya. Scale looks good in Maya but becomes massive in UE4.