Importing Mesh with noise deformer or point cache?

Hi everyone !

I would like to import a mesh in my scene with vertex deformation (noise deformer or a mesh with an animation point cache). But when I import my mesh nothing happen (I just succeed to import my blendshape but the vertex don’t want to move :frowning: ).
I can’t use the vertex animation tool because I’m exporting my scene to html5 do you guys have any solution?

Thanks in advance


Yea UE4 does not support point cache and no idea as to why not. FBX by default supports PC.

Directly UE4 does not support progressive morphing but you could cheat the progression by making a series of point A to point B blend shapes and make a BP to force the progression.

Depending on what you want to do though there are a few other options.

The thing to keep in mind though is morphing is not GPU rendered and CPU bound so it could be a performance hit

Hi FrankieV & thanks for your answer !
I would like to export a water drop that is vibrating, basically it’s a noise made on the mesh and so it needs something between like 100 & 200frames.
I’ve just made a test consisting of creating a mesh per frame animated and blendshaping it every frame. As you said that could be really heavy for the cpu.
Could you explain more on how I could cheat the progression of a progressive morphing?

Thanks again


So my temporary solution is to use a script in python that creates a mesh per frame and blendshape it into one mesh frame by frame.
That’s kind of heavy but it will do the trick, but I’m really interested if someone has another solution. I don’t see it now.